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Experience. Expertise. Vision.


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Wer wir sind

Who we are?

Committed to the company.

The team at AGENCY SCAN is one of a kind in the market – after all, every one of our consultants already has insider experience of working in a company or agency. Together, we unite many years of experience in the three main areas:


  • Global agency service procurement

  • Marketing expertise (at client level)

  • International CEO experience (at agency level)

Every one of us is familiar with both sides and yet is firmly committed only to companies. We never accept assignments or remuneration from agencies. This way, we are free to focus on the solution that is best for you. And you can enjoy the reassurance that comes with making a sound agency choice for the future.


Marie-Louise Knoop

  • Over five years of FMCG marketing experience

  • Over nine years of international agency experience

  • Over than fifteen years of international agency screening experience

  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Marie-Louise Knoop
  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Marie-Louise Knoop
Pitch-Beratung | Agency Scan | Hamburg

Sören C. Sörensen

  • Over six years of global creative services procurement experience

  • Over six years of international agency CEO experience

  • In total, nearly 20 years of international agency screening experience

  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Sören Sörensen
  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Sören Sörensen
Pitch-Beratung | Agency Scan | Hamburg

Marie-Louise Knoop


Marie-Louise Knoop is a consultant and marketing expert with many years of national and international experience in the advertising industry and marketing and communication services. Her profound knowledge of company consulting and her extensive network offer an ideal skill set for AGENCY SCAN. Her open character and direct approach to her consulting work nurture optimal client-agency relationships.

  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Marie-Louise Knoop
  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Marie-Louise Knoop

Sören C. Sörensen


Sören C. Sörensen is a consultant and expert in agency services procurement, agency cost negotiations and agency contracts. He was a global creative services procurement manager and successful agency founder in Europe and Asia, and has many years of experience in industry and FMCG. His expertise on both sides of the agency/marketing value chain offers marketers and marketing procurement managers a strong basis for business. Sören C. Sörensen is publicly known as a regular speaker at conferences.

  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Sören Sörensen
  • AGENCY SCAN | Pitch-Beratung | Sören Sörensen
Wie wir arbeiten

Our working methods:

with expertise and dedication.

Our consultants are industry insiders who always have their ear to the ground when it comes to agencies, people and service providers. In order to ensure we find your perfect partner, we present you with a carefully compiled selection precisely tailored to your requirements. You also receive invaluable information on the areas of expertise, financials and people involved in each case.


You can trust us to make a stalwart, professional selection. We’ll trust you to make the final, personal decision. After all, like in every relationship, the chemistry has to be right, too. Once you have made your choice, we’ll happily accompany you further. Whether chemistry meetings, contract negotiations or the optimisation of ongoing processes, we are by your side to save you time, budget and resources.

Für wen wir arbeiten

Local, international, global:

always here for you, wherever you are.

Hamburg is the advertising capital of Germany and our home port. From here, we assist both large corporations and medium-sized companies as well as governments and institutions. Around half of our assignments are international or global. Customised, individual service is at the forefront of everything we do. We never pass clients from office to office. Wherever you need us, your personal AGENCY SCAN consultant is on hand to help.

Our philosophy:
  • Fair & collaborative cooperation

  • Exclusively committed to companies

  • Pitch complete with expenses/remuneration

  • Long-term collaboration between companies & agencies

  • Open consulting style

  • Always there for our customers

  • Common sense

  • Cost-oriented thinking

Time for some plain speaking: AGENCY SCAN in 30 seconds.

As we say here in Hamburg, Butter bei die Fische – or ‘cut to the chase!’ So here’s how we would describe AGENCY SCAN in 30 seconds:


  • We are a synthesis of Sherlock Holmes and an online dating agency: We take our magnifying glass to all agencies to find the most relevant to you, and only set you up together if the chemistry is just right.

  • Our team has negotiated more than 10,000 agency cost estimates and will usually know more about marketing practices, remuneration models, processes and procedures than your own lawyer.

  • Our contracts save costs and go easy on your stress levels – after all, they are fair, transparent, efficient and reflect the latest market prices.

  • With us, no topic is taboo. In order to ensure that no issue is skirted round at annual agency reviews, sometimes the help of a recognised third party is needed. That’s where we come in.


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