Vergütung & Vertrag

An agency contract drawn up by a lawyer defines the rules that govern the business relationship between the client and the agency. Additionally, however, it is essential that the agency contract also very clearly defines which communication services are to be provided and what remuneration will be paid for these services. The conditions and practices of the communication industry also need to be taken into consideration. These crucial factors are often ignored, which is why purely legal contracts are often inadequate in the event of a dispute. 

AGENCY SCAN provides contract advice for the following issues: 

  • Definition of the services to be provided 
  • Remuneration 
  • Advice on copyright issues 
  • Advice on the inclusion of third parties in the provision of services 
  • Monitor compliance with practices in the creative industry, chains of evidence, parallel creation 

AGENCY SCAN offers legal and contract advice in all countries that have no monopoly on legal advice. In Germany there is a monopoly, which is why here AGENCY SCAN officially provides advice on the contractual terms but not on the legal wording.