EU Tenders

Enterprises that are obligated to adhere to tender processes, public authorities and associations all have to comply with complex legal requirements. AGENCY SCAN organises public tenders with the aim of finding the ideal agency for the client – despite the wide range of legal process rules. 

All services AGENCY SCAN provides in connection with public tenders are transparently documented and are fully audit-compliant. These include:

  • Preparing the tender in collaboration with the department issuing the tender 
  • Publishing and organisation including deadline management 
  • Describing the list of services required in language that can be understood by the agencies 
  • Preparation of tender documents, assessment criteria and briefing
  • Completeness and qualification tests 
  • Organising an agency pitch 
  • Remuneration and contractual negotiations 

The pitch process culminates in a new client-agency partnership. In compliance with the terms of the tender. Expertly drawn up. With all costs checked and fully documented in compliance with audit requirements.