Negotiation of Terms & Conditions

What do specific marketing activities cost? What budget is required for a design relaunch? Is it still customary to charge a percentage of the fee for outside services? When does the Lopez effect take effect? How can a client know whether an agency quote is fair and competitive? 

AGENCY SCAN is the only pitch consultancy that offers its own international creative procurement services. Clients can rely on the data and insight provided in more than 7500 verified agency cost estimates.

Our services include the following: 

  • Check cost estimate to ensure integrity and that all aspects are covered 
  • Check cost estimate to ensure that the calculations are plausible 
  • Develop negotiation strategies for the client 
  • Negotiate the cost estimate with agencies on behalf of the client 
  • Provide expert assessment of the cost-effectiveness of individual agency services 

In price negotiations with agencies, AGENCY SCAN will help to secure the best price for a predefined service and desired quality standard.