Marie-Louise Knoop

5 years in FMCG marketing / 9 years international agency experience / many years of experience in agency screening. 

Consultant and marketing expert with many years of experience in the advertising industry, marketing and communications services – both on the domestic market and internationally.

Her expertise in advising businesses and her extensive network provide AGENCY SCAN with a highly effective set of skills. Marie-Louise brings great passion, clarity and a very straightforward approach to her consultancy work, helping to establish optimum client-agency relationships.


Sören C. Sörensen

6 years as global creative services procurement manager / 6 years as CEO of an international agency / many years of experience in agency screening.

Global agency services procurement, agency contract expert and successful founder of agencies, many years of international experience in the industrial sector with special expertise in FMCG. 

His comprehensive expertise across all aspects of the agency/marketing/procurement value chain provides AGENCY SCAN with a highly effective set of skills. His profound insight into the interface between clients and agencies is unrivalled; thanks to his know-how of agency relationships he is a sought-after speaker at international conferences and has published papers in specialist journals.